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4 Recipes for Vegan Salsa Lovers

Calling all vegan salsa lovers! We have 4 recipe ideas just for you!
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2022 Goals: Eat More Salsa

Balancing your diet and overall happiness can be a struggle. While most of us understand…

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Beat the Winter Blues in Kansas City: 5 Fun Ideas

Winter in KC got you down? Take a look at these 5 things you can do to beat those winter blues
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Healthy Keto Recipes for Salsa Lovers

Are you on a keto diet? Do you love salsa? If you answered yes, we have four tasty recipes that will make you forget that carbs ever existed.
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4 Holiday Traditions for Mexican Food Lovers to Try

This year, we’re challenging you to add a little spice to your holiday menu. If you think you are up for the task, try incorporating one of these holiday traditions and recipes centered around Mexican cuisine.
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Recipe Ideas to Finish Off That Jar of Salsa in Your Fridge

Not sure what to do with that half-empty jar of salsa in your fridge? We have a few recipe ideas that will help you finish it off.
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Salsa Lovers Only: 3 Recipes to Beat Holiday Bloat

For most of us, the holiday season takes a toll on our waistlines, but it doesn't have to! Here are three recipes to help beat the holiday bloat. The only catch is that you must love salsa.
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Sweet Kickin Salsa Celebrates Four Years of Production in Kansas City

Sweet Kickin Salsa celebrates one year of sweet and spicy production in Kansas City. We could not have made it this far without our SKS fanatics on facebook and loyal customer base.
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Chip and Sweet Kickin Salsa Pt. 4: Where Do We Go From Here

We find out if Chip gets picked up off the table and finally dipped into Sweet Kickin Salsa.
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How to Make the Perfect Taco

Want to step up your taco game? Take a look at our guide on how to make the perfect taco!
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How to Throw a Halloween Party Sweet Kickin Salsa Style

Here is our list of everything you will need to throw an awesome Halloween party!
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Chip and Sweet Kickin Salsa Part 3: A Second Chance

Sweet Kickin Salsa gives Chip a second chance.
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Our 10 Favorite Football Foods (Classics Edition)

We love football season here at Sweet Kickin Salsa. Take a look at our ten favorite football foods of all time!
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3 Easy Salsa Dips That Will Blow Your Mind

These three dips are sure to be a hit at your next party or get together!
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3 Healthy Lunches That Don’t Take Hours to Prepare

Don't spend all day Sunday meal prepping lunches for the week. Here are three healthy, and quick lunch ideas that won't take hours.
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Chip and Sweet Kickin Salsa Part 2: The Date

Chip finally gets the guts to ask Sweet Kickin Salsa out on a date, but things go wrong when his ex Pico de Gallo shows up.
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Change Up Your Party Food with a Burrito Bar!

Honestly, who doesn't love a good burrito? Most of us get them on the go, but we think they would also make a great party food. Here is how to put together a yummy burrito bar for your friends and family at your next party!
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Salsa Dishes for Final Summer Extravaganzas

Summer is nearly over, which means it’s time for you to gear up for the last few weekends of cookouts with your friends and family and you can’t end summer without one last “hoorah” so why not go all out these great salsa side dishes?!
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3 Ways to Eat Salsa Without a Chip

Looking for a new way to eat salsa? If you are looking for a way to eat your favorite salsa without touching a tortilla chip, we have rounded up some options just for you!
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Chip and Sweet Kickin Salsa: A Love Story Pt. 1

My name is Chip, and I have been seeking a perfect lover for many years…

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5 Margarita Recipies to Try This Summer

Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time to grab your favorite sweet kickin’ salsa and your tastiest tequila for some well-deserved margaritas. Here are five margarita recipes for you to try this summer that are guaranteed to satisfy your craving.
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Kick Up Your Cookout This Summer

Want to have a backyard BBQ that makes the neighbors jealous? Here's how!
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You Deserve to Know What is in Your Salsa

What's in Sweet Kickin Salsa? Natural, local ingredients and no preservatives!
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How to Create the Best Breakfast Burrito EVER

When it comes to breakfast foods, the breakfast burrito is often overlooked. While the classic version is tough to top, breakfast burritos are also great because there are many ways you can choose to bundle your breakfast while creating the best breakfast burrito ever.
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Salsa is the Best Condiment Ever! Let Us Prove It!

Try salsa on these dishes and we think you'll agree it's just THE BEST.
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How to Have a Sweet Kickin Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is one of the best holidays of the year, but few to how to celebrate and commemorate the fifth of May the right way. From sweet recipes to fun activities, we have everything you need to host a sweet kickin’ Cinco de Mayo fiesta.
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Four Questions With John Surface

Have you ever wondered where Sweet Kickin Salsa came from? Who exactly is the man…

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Our Spicy Habanero Salsa is Now Available!

How to choose salsa with the right heat level for any recipes.
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The History of Salsa in One Bite

The history and fun facts about salsa
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Which Tortilla Chip is Best for Sweet Kickin Salsa?

We compare all your different chip options and how they match up to Sweet Kickin Salsa!
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Why Some Salsas Taste Better Than Others

Fresh ingredients and small batch salsa making makes all the difference in Sweet Kickin Salsa.
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Quick and Painless 2018 Diet Guide

Whether you're living that Paleo, Keto, or Plant-based life, we've got some helpful tips to get you eating right!
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Which of These Delicious Dips Will Give You The Most The Most Bang For Your Bite

Salsa, queso, and guacamole are 3 popular Mexican snack dips, but which one is the most nutritious?
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Ways to Kick Up Your Super Bowl Sunday

We all want to throw the best Super Bowl Sunday party ever. Whether you are…

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