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Sweet Kickin Salsa

Growing and cultivating tomatoes on a personal level in my backyard was an aspiration that turned into a greater idea. Each tomato that I personally grew and handpicked gave me the desire to create something bigger than what I was doing. In 2004, that idea came in the form of salsa. Creating salsa was a hobby that I perfected over the years with countless trials and tribulations; it grew into something that I never could have imagined.

Slowly, but ultimately, my hobby perfected into something much greater than I had anticipated. The unique blend of spices, sweet flavor and pure love for salsa resulted in what I have named Sweet Kickin Salsa.

The pride that I take in my salsa is something personal. I work diligently to ensure that each bite of Sweet Kickin Salsa has the pureness and great taste that no other can outperform. My family and friends are the cornerstone of why I want to share my recipe to the world and I have no doubt you too will appreciate Sweet Kickin Salsa the way that everyone else does. Why haven’t you got your own bowl yet?

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