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You Deserve to Know What is in Your Salsa

We were at the grocery store the other day, browsing the salsa aisle to admire our Sweet Kickin Salsa jars prominently displayed in select local stores, and we started looking at the ingredients listed on some other salsas, just out of curiosity—and were we ever surprised! Calcium chloride, xanthum gum, canthaxanthin, sodium benzoate, glucono-delta-lactone (we’re not even making that last one up). Seems like a lot of unnecessary ingredients and preservatives. What are the other guys thinking?

All-Natural Beginnings

Sweet Kickin Salsa started in Kansas City with one man’s hobby and a dream. John Surface started growing and cultivating tomatoes in a backyard to turn them from packets of seeds into the best darn tomatoes you ever tasted. Those delicious homegrown tomatoes went into many recipes before he started adding onions, jalapenos and a unique blend of spices to turn them into the best salsa his friends and neighbors ever had.

Obviously, once the salsa was perfect, he had to share it with the world! That’s when the Sweet Kickin Salsa was brand was born and made available for purchase online. Now it’s available in select local grocery outlets in the Kansas City area—but the best way to stock up is still online since it sells out in stores fast. But let’s get back to what makes Sweet Kickin Salsa so dang good…

Fresh Ingredients

Fresh tomatoes, chopped onions and peppers, and our secret spices. The only way to get fresher salsa is to make it yourself, but if you don’t have the time to research salsas and perfect your own recipe, we have you covered! Sweet Kickin Salsa is sweet, with a kick that will get your tastebuds going. It’s good added to darn near any savory food, and if we’re being honest, we’re not above eating it out of the jar, in front of the fridge, with some of our favorite chips when we have a real hankering for that Sweet Kickin flavor!

No Preservatives

Sure, it might sound a little scary at first to not include preservatives, but what’s scarier: fresh ingredients canned to last until you’re ready to savor our spicy sweet flavors, or a bunch of unpronounceable chemicals? Sweet Kickin Salsa is shelf stable in the jar for safe storage in your pantry until you open it, then just refrigerate it until it’s gone (up to about one week)—if it even makes it to the fridge!

Do you know what’s in your salsa? If your salsa is Sweet Kickin Salsa, now you know!

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