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Four Questions With John Surface

Have you ever wondered where Sweet Kickin Salsa came from? Who exactly is the man behind this delicious concoction? Who is this guy John Surface and why is he being mentioned on a blog about salsa? Well, John Surface is the mastermind behind Sweet Kickin Salsa, so he is kind of a big deal around here. If you follow the Sweet Kickin Salsa Fanatics on Facebook you have probably seen a peek into the life of John Surface, but how did this Toyota Tundra driving, fishing fan get into the business of making his salsa? John answers four burning questions from his Sweet Kickin Salsa fans right here, right now!

1. How did you start making salsa?

In 2004, I had a very large garden. I ended up with way too many tomatoes one year and decided to try and make some salsa. After researching other recipes to give me an idea how to make salsa, I went through several test batches to make it my own; it turned into a big hit with my family and friends.

2. What is your favorite food to use Sweet Kickin Salsa on?

This is a tough question since it goes well and compliments many different dishes. But if I were to choose one, it would be nachos. Other favorites would be chili, goulash, spaghetti, hamburger topping, grilled chicken breast and chicken strips. A favorite within Sweet Kickin Salsa Fanatics is to add to their scrambled eggs. Click here to discover some fun, easy recipes.

3. How hard was it to break into the salsa game?

It wasn’t hard to have the salsa tested and produced, but it is a little difficult trying to get it into the stores due to a highly competitive market. We try to do demos at a few Price Choppers and Hyvees in the Kansas City area that carry our product, because of this families are able to taste our one of a kind flavor. “It’s the sweet that will catch you and the kick that will keep you.”

4. Do you have a specific goal you’re shooting for?

Of course!! To build the empire!! We would like to go all wholesale, being in stores nationwide, then in about ten years, to have our own plant, eliminating the bottling company and producing our own.

There you have it, short, sweet, and to the point. John is no-nonsense just like his salsa. Oh, by the way, if you haven’t tried any yet head over to our online store and pick up a case. If you are in the Kansas City area, contact your local Price Chopper or Hyvee to see if they carry Sweet Kickin Salsa. We will warn you if you go the grocery store route Sweet Kickin Salsa tends to fly off the shelves pretty quickly so stocking up online is your best bet when if you want to get your hands on a jar, or six!

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