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Ways to Kick Up Your Super Bowl Sunday

We all want to throw the best Super Bowl Sunday party ever. Whether you are a huge football fan, or are just watching for the commercials and halftime show we have some ways to kick your Super Bowl up a notch!


This is possibly one of the most important aspects of any successful Super Bowl party. You don’t want to be the guy with just popcorn and frozen pizza. You absolutely need some top notch nibbles.

1. Queso Dip

The crowd favorite, the staple, everybody loves warm melted cheese. Add in some Sweet Kickin Salsa (mild or medium) to add more flavor and texture. Put some extra salsa out for those who want even more of a kick.

Bonus: If you really want to step up your game, set up a full blown taco bar! You will be the king or queen of game day.

2. Wings

Yes! Tried and true. Wings are always a huge hit at any Super bowl Party. We suggest you put out buffalo and BBQ so that no matter if your guests like sweet or spicy they will be satisfied. You can always order some from your local wing joint if you are crunched for time. We won’t tell anybody!

Bonus: For your vegetarian friends whip up some buffalo cauliflower wings. They will love you for it.

3.  Chili

Chili is fantastic because there are no rules, it is a completely up to you what goes in and what doesn’t. Chili is one of those things that gives you a full meal in one bowl. It is also extremely easy to make, which is wonderful for those who are a bit…challenged in the kitchen.

Fun and Games

Here is a little secret, some people just aren’t that into football. I know! Crazy right? But really, you want to keep these guys in mind, after all you do want everyone to have a good time at your party. Let us suggest some fun activities for those who may want to spend time with friends, but not necessarily sit through the whole game and pretend they are interested.

1. Board Games

It may seem cheesy, but people genuinely like playing board games. It is social, competitive and really just all around fun. We suggest quicker games, keep monopoly in the closet, like Yahtzee, UNO, maybe set out a deck of cards. Keep it simple.

2. Karaoke

Obviously in another room, set up some karaoke. You don’t need a full blown machine. You can pull up tons of songs with the lyrics and instrumental music on YouTube. Have a contest and see who can belt Queen’s “We Will Rock You” as closely to Freddy Mercury as possible.

3. Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

There doesn’t have to be a divide between fans and non fans at your party this year. Print off some of these Super Bowl commercial bingo cards. They can get up, chat, and get snacks while the game is on, but they will come running back once those commercials come on in an attempt to be the Super Bowl commercial bingo champion!

No matter how you decide to celebrate this Super Bowl Sunday, just know that spending time with friends and family is what really matters!

Who will you be rooting for this Super Bowl Sunday?

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