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How to Have a Sweet Kickin Cinco De Mayo

Planning a Cinco De Mayo Party

Are you ready for one of the best holidays of the year?! We’re talking about Cinco de Mayo, of course.

Spanish for “Fifth of May,” Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexican heritage and pride by observing the improbable victory of the Mexican army over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Mexican-American communities worldwide celebrate the day as a way to commemorate freedom and democracy.

Cinco de Mayo is also easily one of the best food holidays of the year. From chips and dips to taco and nacho bars, Cinco de Mayo provides you with an excuse to make some recipes, have a couple of margaritas and throw a Sweet Kickin Cinco de Mayo party.

Plenty of Food

When it comes to throwing a Cinco de Mayo party, we think you should take things up a notch this year and consider adding a table designated for a taco or nacho bar….or both! A taco and nacho bar are both easy to throw together so you won’t have to stress too much over preparation. Just set them on the table and watch your guests flock to the sweet smell of the food. Make sure you have a mild, medium, and hot salsa available, so none of your guests have to go without salsa. Don’t sweat the salsa; we have you covered with our variety pack! Throw in a couple jars of Spicy Habanero for good measure.

Plenty of Fun

The party doesn’t stop with the food. If you want to host a real Sweet Kickin party, a proper Cinco de Mayo celebration must also include fun activities for all ages and of course margaritas.

One of the best ways to involve everyone at your party is by providing printable luchador masks that both kids and adults can have fun decorating together. While the kids are running around having fun with their new masks, the adults can gather around the margarita maker and participate in a margarita making contest. Have everybody bring their own secret ingredient and see who makes the best margarita! Last, but most certainly not least, complete your Cinco de Mayo celebration by putting up a festive piñata filled with candies for the kids!

Time to Fiesta

With all of the ideas mentioned above, your Cinco de Mayo party is sure to sizzle. From great food recipes, fun activities, and plenty of drinks, you can turn your party into a real fiesta!

Now go on and have yourself a Sweet Kickin Cinco de Mayo!

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