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Sweet Kickin Salsa Celebrates Four Years of Production in Kansas City

The Humble Beginnings

When SKS owner John Surface started growing tomatoes in his backyard in Kansas City, he aspired for something much greater. After ending up with more tomatoes than he was expecting one year, John decided to try his hand at salsa.

John began researching different recipes and discovering different ways to make his own salsa, he tried out several test batches with his family and friends, and after countless trials, he came up with a formula that was sweet, spicy and simply delicious. With a unique blend of spices, sweet flavor, and pure love of salsa, the result would soon turn into his brand named Sweet Kickin Salsa.

Sweet Kickin Salsa Hits Grocery Store Shelves

After successful testing and production, Sweet Kickin Salsa would finally break into the highly competitive condiment market and find itself with a Facebook following of Sweet Kickin Salsa Fanatics. SKS then would soon go from being sold at farmer’s markets to being on the shelves of more than 32 stores in the Kansas City Metro Area. With goals of eventually going wholesale nationwide, Sweet Kickin Salsa has recently picked up an additional 84 stores throughout the St. Louis region.

Family, Friends, and Flavor

Family and friends are the cornerstones of why Sweet Kickin Salsa wants to share their product with the world, and they have no doubt you, too, will appreciate the flavor. From their Mild, Medium, and Spicy Habanero flavors, Sweet Kickin Salsa goes well with a variety of dishes and compliments nearly everything. With nachos being the obvious choice, Sweet Kickin Salsa also tastes great in chili, goulash, spaghetti, on hamburgers, grilled chicken breast, and, yes, even with chicken strips. We must also add that a favorite within the Sweet Kickin Salsa Fanatics community is to add the delicious chunky salsa to their scrambled eggs.

Order Your Sweet Kickin Salsa Today

There you have it, short, sweet, and to the point. Sweet Kickin Salsa takes a no-nonsense approach to the industry, just like their salsa. Sweet Kickin Salsa takes pride in their product, and team members work diligently to ensure that every bite of Sweet Kickin Salsa has the pureness and great taste that simply no other salsa can compete with. If you haven’t tried it yet, head over to the Sweet Kickin Salsa online store and pick up a case. Or, if you are in the Kansas City area, contact your local Price Chopper or Hyvee to see if they carry Sweet Kickin Salsa. We do have to warn you that Sweet Kickin Salsa tends to fly off the grocery store shelves rather quickly so stocking up on your favorite flavor online is sure to be your best bet when it comes to getting your hands on a jar…or six.

“It’s the sweetness that will catch you and the kick that will keep you.”

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