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Chip and Sweet Kickin Salsa Pt. 4: Where Do We Go From Here

Howdy! Chip the Tortilla Chip here. When I last left you guys, I was about to take my first dip into Sweet Kickin Salsa and was carelessly dropped on the table before I had a chance. If you are new around here an need to get caught up on my quest, I have some links below to get you caught up.

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Now, I am sure you are wondering what happened to me after I was left cold and helpless on the table at the Buckner Festival and I wish I had a good story for you…Oh, wait! I do (kind of).

A Stranger to the Rescue

Let me set the scene. I am lying on a plastic tablecloth and can see Sweet Kickin looking a bit panicked. She can’t help me; she doesn’t have any arms because she is a jar of salsa. I try to move, but realize that all of the people walking around will be freaked out if they see a tortilla chip walking around.

So, I wait and hope that I do not get thrown in the trash can. I have heard horror stories about the trash can. It is a horrible place where you get covered in soda, baby diapers, and unwanted pamphlets. I watch every move the people running the booth, who I later found out were John and Terri Surface, make.

At one point I get lifted off of the table, I think to myself, “This is it. I was not meant to live for anything. I flew to close to the sun, and now I will be thrown away like the trash that I am.” My life flashes before my eyes. I think back to when I was just a child made of ground corn and aspired to be dipped in the best salsas around like my hero Tostitos. I remember the first time I saw Sweet Kickin Salsa, I remember the crazy pool party we went to, and I brace myself for the inevitable.

I open my eyes and see, not a trash can full of old fair food and empty soda cups, but I am hovering over all of the samples of Sweet Kickin Salsa. I suddenly notice the fingers grasping me are that of a child, not an adult.

The Dip

I see Sweet Kickin’s glistening tomatoes get closer and closer. I can see her speckled spices, and I almost start to cry, yes cry. But I hold it together because I know that crying is never a good look when you first dip into the one you love. I suddenly feel her juicy tomatoes surround my corner and pick up her sweet and spicy notes. In this glorious moment, I almost broke, but I held it together for her. The dip was more perfect than I could have ever imagined and I want to thank that kid who saved me from the trash can and disregarded the fact that I was probably covered in germs. I hope that the moment was as good for her as it was for me.

More later,


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