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Salsa is the Best Condiment Ever! Let Us Prove It!

Ranch dressing and ketchup may be contenders, but salsa is our favorite condiment on nearly every savory food we eat. Try it out in some of our favorite ways, and we think it will be your favorite condiment too (we’re not biased or anything…).

Traditional Uses for Salsa

We won’t spend a lot of time on this section, because everyone reading here is probably more than familiar with salsa on tacos, burritos, enchiladas, nachos…and of course, our favorite, just scooping it straight out the jar with our favorite bag of chips while binging on our latest Netflix show. We dare you to swap out the salsa for any other condiment and tell us it’s just as good! Salsa has a very long rich history. Salsa actually didn’t start being made in the United States until 1948, and boy are we glad that happened!

Typical and not so Typical Uses for Salsa

Salsa is best on eggs (Sweet Kickin Salsa’s creator John Surface can attest to this). There’s just nothing like fluffy, cheesy scrambled eggs with a scoop of salsa and a dollop of sour cream, or put that all together in an omelet if you’re feeling fancy! Salsa is also great on burgers. It takes the place of tomatoes, onions, and ketchup—this is a condiment that eats like half the meal, you can’t get better than that (unless you also add guacamole and a little queso to that burger, and if you do, let us know when and where you’re having that barbeque!). Potatoes—baked or French fried—are an ideal vehicle for salsa. The starchy creamy texture mixes well with the different flavors and heat of the salsa, and the combination gives you more vegetable servings than potatoes alone.

Hear us out on These Ones…

Hot dogs

We love salsa on burgers; hot dogs are the natural next step. Ditch the bun and try wrapping your hotdog in a tortilla. Top with salsa and queso for a whole new hotdog experience!


First, season your meatloaf with a little taco seasoning and then use salsa instead of your normal meatloaf sauce to kick up a more traditional recipe. Once it’s on the plate, add some lettuce, shredded cheese, diced onions, black olives, and more salsa! This will give you a new take on an old favorite.

Salsa Grilled Cheese Sandwich

When it’s too warm out for a bowl of tomato soup, but you’re still craving the comfort of grilled cheese, add salsa to the sandwich for a spicy treat.

Steak fries (fries made from actual steak)

Slice carne asada into French-fry-sized pieces—bigger is better here—and then fry them in a pan or bake until they’re as cooked or rare as you like; serve with salsa for dipping.

Is salsa good enough to give up ranch and ketchup for? Of course, we’re not suggesting anyone goes that far, but we are saying there are probably hundreds of unexplored ways to use salsa and we won’t stop until the salsa is all gone.

Hope over to our web store and pick up a case of Sweet Kickin Salsa so you can try all of these fun dinner ideas!

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